NJMCDirect Payment Online

The courts of New Jersey have made it possible for traffic violators to pay for their ticket in the most convenient way possible and that is by accessing the NJMCDirect payment link online. This link can be found by going to www.NJMCDirect.com.

Traffic Ticket Search

The first thing that you need to do before you begin to pay for your ticket through the NJMCDirect payment link is to search for your traffic ticket. To do this, you simply need to click on the “Traffic Ticket Search” link on the upper right hand corner of the page, or simply click on the button that says “Continue” right on the Welcome page of the NJMC direct site.

What Information Is Needed

When doing a search for your traffic ticket in order to access the NJMCDirect payment link, you will need to provide the following information:

• Court ID
• Ticket Prefix
• Ticket Number
• License Plate Number

As soon as you are able to provide all these details, you can click on “continue” and begin your search for your traffic ticket. As soon as you have found your traffic ticket, you can make use of the NJMCDirect payment online facility.

www.njmcdirect.com Pay Ticket

If you have been penalized for a traffic violation in the New Jersey Courts, you can log on to www.njmcdirect.com pay ticket site in order to get access to your ticket information and pay the penalty charge through the website if you want to.

www.njmcdirect.com pay ticket

How to Access the Website

First of all, you must have a copy of your traffic ticket notice as well as your driver’s license with you before you begin using the web portal. As soon as you access the www.njmcdirect.com pay ticket link, you will be asked to key-in the ticket number, ticket prefix, court ID as well as your license plate number. After you have keyed these details in, you will then be able to view the details about your traffic ticket.

How to Pay for your Traffic Ticket Online

The great thing about using the www.njmcdirect.com pay ticket link is that you will also have the convenience to pay for your traffic ticket through this link. But you should have a VISA or a MasterCard before you can begin using this online facility. Take note that there is a convenience fee that you will have to pay if you make use of this online payment and the facility is only available at certain times. Check out the website for information on the schedule.

Navigating Through the www.njmcdirect.com

When you go to www.njmcdirect.com, you will find on the homepage that this site is for the New Jersey Courts. But more specifically, the website is actually where the residents of New Jersey would refer to if they need to access their traffic ticket information. Using the website is so easy and it allows you to access your ticket information in a fast and secure way.


Information Needed

Before you can begin using the site, you will need to have some information ready. Basically, you should have your parking or traffic ticket on hand as well as your license plate number. You can use your credit card with the MasterCard or Visa logo in paying for the fee in using the www.njmcdirect.com. Also, if you have any concerns or issues when it comes to using this website, you will need to contact the municipal court directly. If you are all set to begin the transaction, then simply click on the button that says “Continue”.

Searching for Traffic Ticket

As soon as you click continue on the homepage of www.njmcdirect.com, a new page will open up that says “Search for Traffic Ticket or Time Payment Order”. In order to view your traffic ticket or time order, you will need to provide the relevant information like the license plate number.

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